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Lightning is perfect for sending micro transactions or tiny slithers of bitcoin without having to worry about the miners fees. It’s more private too.

Checkout MUUN wallet is a very good lightning wallet for novices.

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The Mempool – Is where we can see how busy the Bitcoin network is.

If you ever want to see how busy the bitcoin network is you can check the mempool

Be aware that all Bitcoin UTXO’s (transactions) have different weight. This is measured in kilobytes (kb) If your transaction does not need to clear(confirm) in 5 days or so you can add a small miner fee like 2 sats per byte.

Set it in Stone – Tip In Bitcoin

Please note in order to send a Bitcoin transaction the previous one has to have confirmed in the blockchain. The blockchain is the immutable ledger that gives bitcoin it’s irrefutable status.

Once on the blockchain, that Bitcoin transaction can never be changed. It is literally set in stone, And no-one has a chisel hard enough to change it.

Aaron Dorn, just then.

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