“The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.

Satoshi Nakomoto

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Why accept Bitcoin payments?


    • Reduce your transaction fees from 3% to 0%

    • Make a step into the future

    • Protect from inflation

    • Stay ahead of your competiton

    • Get extra visibility from open source developments.

    • You control 100% of your funds

    • You control the future of your business


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Bitcoin is the first time we have had a digital currency and a network in one!

You understand that a currency is the £ pound but generally to send pounds digitally you have to send £’s via a network such as visa / mastercard or paypal. Or via another typee of centralised payment network.

Bitcoin is a currency and payment network in one that is not controlled by any one central authority. This creates a huge network effect akin to the internet itself. The more people that use the network the exponentially stronger and more valuable the network becomes.

Cameras, tape recorders, maps all obsoleted by technology

Bitcoin will store your money for decades and due to it’s limited supply is designed to go up in value when measured in dollars or pounds.
The fact it is a final settlement layer of money means it’s closest to cash in what has gone before. (For the merchant this means you cannot be chargebacked or have transactions reversed by your bank. )

Bitcoin is SCARCE!

Future Proof your business now!


I understand Bitcoin but don’t like exposure to its volatility.

A) Simple just accept BTC and you can auto convert to £ immediately. Many online services exist such as Swiss Bitcoin Pay that enable you to receive bitcoin easily via contactless card. You can easily convert your Bitcoin for £ in seconds.

I understand Bitcoin but it seems too complicated for my clients.

A) It really isn’t. It taps faster than a contactless Visa or Mastercard. And achieves final settlement almost immediately. So no potential chargebacks. and besides the Next generation is ready and the benefits of Bitcoin include the fact it future-proofs your business. Bitcoin’s issuance rate means it will offset the increasing costs of owning a business in 2022 & beyond.

I understand Bitcoin but I don’t like its energy usage

A) bitcoin doesn’t waste energy. It uses waste energy. It also incentivizes companies to use the cheapest energy possible. hydro, solar, etc. Bitcoin rewards efficiency and penalizes wasteful enterprises. A recent study showed that 59% of bitcoin mining uses sustainable energy.

I understand Bitcoin but need to know more or where to start.

A) download a lightning wallet and I’ll send you some to prove its efficiency & speed. In the footer of this website, you can click the wallet of satoshi link. Otherwise come to a Bitcoin Essex meet-up (monthly) and find out how other business owners are using bitcoin in there business.

I understand bitcoin but feel it’s risky.

A) Then you do not understand the risk FIAT has on your future business. Use Bitcoin Essex resources to understand that bitcoin will unwind the damage fiat has done to society. If your business does everything right this year, your team works harder than ever And you increase your revenue by 5% With inflation at 10% means you did all that work to lose 5% in value overall. BTC helps defend you against it. Bitcoin at £18,000 has actually increased in £ value by 600% since March 2020.

I understand bitcoin but what about Tax Implications?

A) All income is taxable, So it’s exactly the same scenario. However, with BTC you have to pay Capital Gains Tax when you sell it. Individuals have only have £6000 p.a threshold. (in the latest UK budget this threshold will go down to £3000) You can auto-convert to remove this headache. However, it makes sense to hold your bitcoin and never sell it. You will treat it like savings or an asset that you can collateralize whenever you need to. There are bitcoin services that can do all of this automatically for you. Using BTC as your savings account could offset not only your VAT burden but inflation too.

My business turnover is less than 80k per year, is it even worth my time?

A) Are you kidding? You are most at threat – a cashless society, inflation, social credit score, surveillance spending, increasing energy bills, and VAT threshold could be moved at any moment, making your entire business unviable.

My Business turnover is more than 80k

Threats to your business include a cashless society, inflation, energy caps, social credit scores, and Central Bank Digital Currencies. Reduce accountancy, and outsourcing sectors within your business. I.e refreshments to specialist businesses. Retail 2 distributor. Can these be removed from the expense column and become assets in a rental column?

I spoke to my accountant and they recommend I do not go near Bitcoin as it’s dangerous and only used by money launderers etc.

This is FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt.) We all know the US dollar and the GB pound enable that. There are 3 countries on the planet that have made Bitcoin legal tender. It is accepted in every country on the planet. Your accountant is worried that he may have to learn something new. Most accountants may believe bitcoin complicates their process. Like everything bitcoin touches it simplifies it. Bitcoin is a tool, Like a hammer can be used to knock on a nail or smash a window. The user decides how to use it.

12 Positive Reasons to accept bitcoin.



    1. Bitcoin as a reserve Income / Asset / Savings Suffolk lounge local business generating hundreds of new clients & revenue in weeks.
      fifty cent album earned 700 bitcoin in 2014. These earnings multiply his net worth year on year.

    1. Press coverage Local news / Get Added to open source bitcoin projects such as BTCmap.org for example Suffolk lounge local got a load of TV coverage from adopting bitcoin as a payment method.

    1. Justice BTC as cash In hand safeguards your business from the Cashless society threat.

    1. Your New clients will be wealthy clients. Early adopters of bitcoin will be digital nomads of the future economy. They will be able to transact outside the current legacy financial system.

    1. Freedom Bitcoin encourages a Spiritual Escape from a hopeless centralized system. We learned in lockdown that the Gov doesn’t care about your business. If your company turnover is north of £100 million a year you may get some consideration. Big retail stayed open and yet local retail was forced to close. Bailouts or Furlough won’t be forthcoming next time.

    1. Opt in to being bullet proof. You can have peace of mind that you do nothing new, and get paid to have a long-term view. A new financial network that could cut your banking fees and offset inflation-busting rises in other areas of your business.

    1. Be your own bank, The future potential of bitcoin achieving mass adoption could save you thousands on banking & finance costs. Do you know what you spend on banking fees? (PayPal, POS commission, credit card processing fees)

    1. Savings on ad spend / website / Updates

    1. Long-term vision to accept wages in BTC. Give Financial Incentives to attract the best staff.

    1. Be your own bank You can create a circular economy within your pre existing business. This will allow you to take fees from other sectors in your business. Example Service cost X Coffee cost X pay for service earn exchange fee. Pay staff wages exchange fee.

    1. Physical Bitcoin ATMs accept cash and coins . Then sends bitcoin to the consumer. Your bitcoin could be generated from other parts of the business.

    1. No chargebacks ever. Instant settlement means the transaction cannot be reversed by a 3rd party. Only you have the ability to give a refund.

    1. Free Marketing – Get your business on BTCMAP.org a resource that tells bitcoiners where you are and that you want their custom.

  • HODL



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