Bitcoins have no dividend or potential future dividend, therefore not like a stock.

More like a collectible or commodity.

Satoshi Nakomoto

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It’s real innovation

Bitcoin wins the title of best money ever developed because this is the first time in the History of Civilisation, we have ever had a payment network and currency in one.

Bitcoin is the payment network & bitcoin is the currency.

Fiat currencies like US dollars and British pounds rely on a separate network to transact like Visa, Mastercard, Swift and PayPal.

With Bitcoin, It’s users are incentivised to use the network by reducing the financial costs to do so.

Bitcoin pays for its own security in it’s own scarce currency also called bitcoin. This newly minted currency is distributed to the users that use their computer equipment and energy that it needs to secure itself.

Bitcoin 1

Rest of the world 0

bitcoin gets adoption because it’s a better money than fiat. Gresham’s Law

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Bitcoin solves the inflation problem.

With it’s fixed supply of bitcoin of 21 million coins, with a fair and organised distribution shedule until the year 2140.

Using basic software, anyone can audit the bitcoin blockchain. Scamcoins (shitcoins) such as Ethereum & Ripple cannot be audited by anyone. You have to ask the owners/creators. Which is just like the USD or GBP.

ETH is a digital fiat currency and is no different from the corrupt dollar or pound system that we are all trying to elevate ourselves from.

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Rest of the world 0

Bitcoin is not crypto

The undeniable fact is Bitcoin is the complete opposite of all shitcoins. They were issued with a premine that which means their creators made themselves rich but printing a digital cryptocurrency out of fresh air.

These shitcoins are then dumped back into the market for Bitcoin. Shitcoiners want bitcoin too but they want to scam you out of your bitcoin to get it.

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Rest of the world 0

Bitcoin adoption will grow because it’s a huge upgrade on these three aspects of an individuals life. Money, Personal Sovereignty and Property rights.

Bitcoin is a commodity & all other cryptos are securities.

According to Michael Saylor cryptocurrencies or shitcoins as we call them such as ETH & XRP are unregistered securities. Which brings them under a completely different set of financial rules.

Bitcoin is a commodity akin to Gold or Silver. Bitcoin had an ethical launch. An immaculate conception.

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Bitcoin is Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake

say no more

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Bitcoin is absolute scarcity

Measure your shitcoin against bitcoin for the penny to drop. If you ever get the inclination to invest in a shitcoin remember this chart!

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Bitcoin is not Ripple or XRP

a short story

it continues
I have empathy for shitcoiners.
Marcus Aurelius on shitcoins

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And their you have it an absolute thrashing. Bitcoin wins.