Bitcoins have no dividend or potential future dividend, therefore not like a stock.

More like a collectible or commodity.

Satoshi Nakomoto

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How Longy went from ZERO to 0.00135000 Bitcoin (135k sats) in one month

This is an update to the previous blog post Earn Bitcoin For Music

Bitcoin & Nostr are making it easy for artists to be discovered!

These two protocols together mean no permission required, censorship resistant and immutable music is on its way.

Is there a chance that this combination will (like Napster before) “disrupt the music industry again?”

Judging by the lacklustre Glastonbury 2023 festival this year. I hope so, because music in its current state is REKT!

Something needs to kickstart new music and I hope this is it.


I want to show as many local musicians how easy it is to publish their art independently and earn bitcoin for doing so. In a good old traditional Value for Value way!

This post is going to track our personal journey of how it does that.

This music platform we use is “potential Spotify killer powered by Bitcoin & Lightning.”

There are others in the space including & including multiple podcasting 2.0 apps which enable new and exciting discovery features.

Bitcoin fixes music.

Wavlake for independent and unsigned artists threatens to restructure the way music is supported and discovered all over the globe.

It makes an artists discovery by fans easier, the artists publishing simpler and paves the way for fans to directly support their favourite artists in micropayments with the peace of knowing the record company won’t siphon ninety odd percent away from the artists.

The artist gets the money directly without the need to hosepipe it all over the middle men first!

A musician armed with Bitcoin & Nostr in their tool kit enables them to publish music all over the globe at the click of a button. Wavlake make this simple.

It takes 30 seconds to upload an album and the RSS pushes it out to every app that is sat on top of this protocol.

Once again bitcoin shows it removes borders, expands geography and removes the gatekeepers from an industry long disrupted by Napster and retaken over by fiat money and fiat gatekeepers.

Latest Updates

Update to the WAVLAKE effect! – I’ve turned my attention to orange pilling musicians (rather than retailers for the time being) I explain all here

TLDR: 99% musicians have a more pressing need to get paid for their passion.



Whereas, 99% of retailers are not even aware of the problem with the “Money.” the feedback of blank stares I get from retailers is kind of disheartening.

I digress. It’s 1 calendar month since we uploaded the “Love Schizophrenia” to @wavlake

The Facts – Over 4 Weeks we have uploaded 17 tracks so far.

Currently Longy has 5 tracks in the @Wavlake Top 40

He has accumulated a total of 132k SATS in 1 month.

Longy had one track “The Underclass”

featured on “The Podfathers” @adamcurry brilliant Podasting 2.0 show. Which is one of the top 5 of most supported⚡️ shows on the planet.

Which jet fuelled Longy’s presence and boosted his discovery globally!

Where do we go from here?

What are the implications going forward for the music industry if we continue down the path it is on. When everyone needs endorsement by the establishment to succeed?

It took the records companies 20 years to recapture the industry it owned before Napster
Major streaming platforms have been completely sewn up by Big Tech”

Any new artists would only achieve discovery with Record Company Executive permission.

Another premonition by the movie Demolition Man. Our musical enjoyment will evolve through heinous commercialism and riffs will be synonymous with radio jingles & cleaning products.

The Death of Rock n Roll & Individualism.

Control the message and the outcome is the same. A woke, subservient, lacklustre and dispassionate youth.

The outcome? some see it as cancel culture and others as insufferable mediocracy.

Music is the life blood of the young, a study has found that you take your musical influences from your teens and they act as the soundtrack to the rest of your life.

If talent that comes through and has to have to do a day job and minimise their passion to a side hustle. It’s lights diminish. It by default cannot be rock n roll.

The after effect of fiat is millions of shattered illusions. Like a young Jimmy in Quadrophenia. When he discovers that “Ace Face” Sting is a fucking bellboy.

If all the fiat money pools to the top of the recording industry we end up with a less than a dozen PC “stars” a musical royalty. “Safe vanilla acts”

The headline acts were literally being wheelchaired onto stage. I get the likes of Elton John, Gun’s n Roses, Blondie & The Foo Fighters are legends of rock n roll. They are comfortable, with their millions gleaned from a time when they could get paid for their music.

As seen at Glastonbury 2023. Old and spent rock n rollers, club singing way past their sell by date.

Everyone that watched Glasto

Our future festivals powered by X-factor hopefuls and 60 something luvvies such as Sheeran & Ezra. It’d be an absolute snoozefest. Boring!