Bitcoins have no dividend or potential future dividend, therefore not like a stock.

More like a collectible or commodity.

Satoshi Nakomoto

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Get Longy & the Gospel Trash earning Bitcoin.

Earn bitcoin for music.

I met up with an old musician friend of mine this morning. Who goes by the name of Longy. I’ve seen him live loads of times and I’ve followed his music for years. What else can I say other than, I am a fan. 

Technically, he is a local lad, brilliant musician, with a great voice, great tunes, empowering message, and a rock n roll attitude. 

He is more Liam than Sam. know what i mean?

See for yourself

He has a back-catologue of work and is already on platforms such as YouTube, MixCloud and Spotify.

Why would Longy need another outlet for his music?

He deserves to earn real money for his talent. And so do all creative people that spend their time on passion. You may know other talented people that need to hear this so you should share this message.

Bitcoin gives creators an entire new tool kit to monetise their passion. is another tool that exists on top of Bitcoin. This music platform enables artists to earn bitcoin by allowing fans to send micro bitcoin payments direct to them. 

The platform has a TOP 40 chart and you can discover new trending artists via its discover mode. I’ve used it, It is great. 

The music on Wavlake is mainly indie and lo-fi. We can listen to cool tunes without the interruptions of adverts, which fills me with joy. 

The process of earning through streaming is called “streaming sats.” 

“Streaming sats” uses the Lightning Network to make the payments, which doesn’t use the chain; and, instead, uses direct connections: much like email does. At scale, making a Lightning Network payment costs less than an email in terms of energy is where a artists go to upload their music and connect directly with their fans.


Fans can also show their appreciation by sending sats directly to their favourite singer, artist or band. 

The platform works on boosts and messages – both require a micro bitcoin payment to happen. Wavlake explain it like this:

What is a Boost?

A Boost is a small bitcoin payment that goes to the creator of the track. Boosts are denominated in satoshis, or sats, which is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin.

OK then, what is a Message?

A Message can be anything you want to communicate to the artist! Words, emojis, non-sensical dialogue are all fair game. Every Message requires a minimum Boost to send.

Is there a market for a music platform built on top of bitcoin?

It’s a disruptor of Spotify for sure. The Artists get the majority of the monetary split (90%) on Wavlake get (10%) according to wavlake

Spotify in comparisson pays artists between $0.003 – $0.005 per stream on average.

That works out as an approx revenue split of 70/30 – so that’s 70% to the artist/rights holders and 30% to Spotify. 


To be able to monetise your engagement with your network. Is not a new concept. However, earning the hardest money ever discovered from your passion no matter where you are on Earth or even Mars, is.

“Unfortunately no-one outside our little bubble knows about any of this shit. This decentralised universe is emerging before our very eyes. And unless we persist in sharing it with others IN REAL LIFE, it’ll be futile.”

Aaron of Essex

Can I get Longy to embrace a Bitcoin standard?

I’d arranged to meet up at the duck pond. Longy rocked up 30 minutes late. (this was the 3rd time I had arranged to meet him) So, whatever. It wasn’t raining. I could enjoy my time watching the newborn cygnets get used to their new home. 

After the opening pleasantries, it was time to elevate the chat to the hard talk of Bitcoin, satoshis and time preference. 

Bitcoin is hard to get your head around and I’m always conscious about how to communicate its numerous elements. Bitcoin’s entire ruleset has complete opposite values than what normies in FIAT world are used to.

Whenever discussing bitcoin I find it’s best to leave a lot of the groundbreaking concepts out for a later date. As according to the famous book by Robert Greene One of his 48 laws of power states “too much innovation at once is traumatic.”

So I usually start with the biggest concept and then let the conversation generate itself from there. “Bitcoin is the worlds first incorruptible money” oh and it’s finite.

“What do you know about Bitcoin?” 

Longy mentioned he had heard about Ethereum, I cut him off and began to speak. (If he knows about shitcoins he knows enough.) 

It gave me the runway to emphasize why Bitcoin is not Crypto. And this point always helps hammer home the concept of scarcity. 

Cue my script about money, inflation, currency manipulation, banksters and Fiat gatekeepers.

Earnings in perspective –

Let’s Look at Joe Martin music

He has fully embraced this way of monetisation. His earnings from his top 10 above is 500k satoshis in a couple of months. Joe has shared on podcasts that his earnings from bitcoin havemultiplied his spotify earnings by TWENTY times

Whereas on twitter all you hear is musicians complaining about spotify and the menial revenue they share with the artists on their platform.


In 2020 you could get 500k sats for £15
Today 500k satoshis is almost £150.

Can you see where this is going yet?

Aaron of Essex

Short term, this may not enable him to quit his day job, But over a long enough time frame as the space continues to evolve, this will be the best way to do things.

Bearing in mind that I have not told Longy about publishing his music to podcasting 2.0 enabled apps.

I’m conscious of saying too much, as this is next-level stuff.

Maybe I’ve said too much already. Probably.

So I’ll leave this blog with some final words from the podfather himself Adam Curry as he explains exactly what this means to not only the music industry but individuals themselves.

Adam Curry & Dave Jones

Here is an mp3 of Dave Jones & Adam Curry discussing how bitcoin / lightning and these new innovations disrupt the anti-quated vampirific music industry.

If you know of anyone that would like to be shown how to earn real money from their passion. Send them our way.

Aaron x