Bitcoins have no dividend or potential future dividend, therefore not like a stock.

More like a collectible or commodity.

Satoshi Nakomoto

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When you understand Bitcoin, you’ll never sell your bitcoin.

We understand the bitcoin journey. You buy your first Bitcoin and immediately discover the CRYPTO CASINO of shitcoins.

You think “I’ll have a play” and add a small % of your Bitcoin start gambling with it.

Before you know it you’ve transformed into a 100 x leverage degenrate gambler. Who regrets the did not just STAY CALM AND HODL.

It can take a few years to really understand the nuances of bitcoin as it touches a number of disciplines.

  • 1. It enables personal sovereignity, as a money that is unconfiscatable only you can send it.
  • 2. The protocol and it’s rules are set in stone. Using modern innovations like cryptography, Proof of Work, difficulty adjustment and bitcoin’s finite supply (all defined in the white paper) means bitcoin passes the 4 principles to define it as money.
  • 3. Technologically it’s superior to every other form of money because of network effects, salabilty and It’s ease to transport.


We don’t want you to get REKT

You are all responsible adults and i’m not comfortable telling others what to do.

Yet, we understand The Shitcoin Casino. It’s incredibly risky, It’s a 24/7 market. Think Wall St on steroids. So fill your boots but be prepared. Get some knowledge so you dont get rekt.

We can show you a few things such a portfolio and risk management. Here is a useful resource to help you understand charts, indicators, candlesticks. doing it safely. Below is a preview of what is in the slides.

Kudos to the contibutions of the people in the bitcoin essex telegram. Who helped put these slides together.

We have a tonne of knowledge over at our telegram channel pop in and say hi.