Bitcoins have no dividend or potential future dividend, therefore not like a stock.

More like a collectible or commodity.

Satoshi Nakomoto

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New Podcasts Apps offer a better experience

Are you a listener or a creator.

Podcasting 2.0 is an upgrade to new podcast apps that runs on the lightning network. This gives you the ability to listen, earn & reward your favourite podcast with some tiny slivers of bitcoin.

Every part of the new podcast apps experience is richer. From comments – transcripts even images and chapters.

Micropayments are made possible on lightning because the fees to send are often less than a fraction of ONE PENNY!

There are comment features which enable you to engage with the host and audience. There are tiny fees to post comments such as 10 sats. All payments gets split between the content writer, host and podcast creator. If you bring alpha to the room. You can earn sats too.

As entities such as Apple & Spotify continue to fight for supremacy in the podcast space. They continue to misunderstand the core to podcasting is decentralisation. The core of a free society is free speech and now free speech is being powered by Bitcoin.

download fountain here and start earning bitcoin for listening to your favourite shows.

The Goal of the podcastindex

Preserve podcasting as a platform for free speech.

Re-tool podcasting to a platform of value exchange that includes developers with podcasters and listeners.

If you want to get involved in the decentralised version of Podcasting then download Breez Wallet here Which also contains a nice point of sale device that you can pre program with your prices.

Are you a content creator?

and have your own podcast find out how to monetise your podcast here earn Bitcoin for broadcasting.

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Listen to Salonomics

The Show that is bringing Bitcoin, Economics & GoSalon to the hair & beauty business.

Listen to the “award winning podcast” search for Salonomics in your podcast player.

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