Bitcoins have no dividend or potential future dividend, therefore not like a stock.

More like a collectible or commodity.

Satoshi Nakomoto

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Beware Shitcoins are Very Risky

Nyet Shitcoin! Your Bitcoin balance is at huge risk if you invest in Altcoins. Most are outright scams with zero real-world use cases. 99% of them have gone down in price when measured in Bitcoin.

“Friends don’t let friends buy shitcoins!”

If you want to purchase Alt-coins. That is your choice. If you want to chance their arm at Trading go for it. Just read my top tips below first.

Tips for trading Shitcoins

  • Only ever use a fraction of your Bitcoin balance.
  • Measure your stack in Bitcoin (never measure in FIAT currency such as £ or $)
  • Set a limit of 3% of your exchange balance per trade. Therefore you won’t get rekt by going all in.
  • Purchase a small amount of $BNB token as your trading fees will be discounted if you pay in their own token.
  • Never get married to a shitcoin – they largely only exist to make their creators rich and to extract your Bitcoin from your balance.

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Binance. It’s currently the number 1 Altcoin exchange in the world. You only need an email address to get started. Be aware though they will want your details when you decide to withdraw your BTC.

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