Buy Bitcoin, Earn Bitcoin.

Everybody can afford a Bitcoin
A Bitcoin is divisible by 100 million bits. These bits are known as Satoshi’s. Currently One Satoshi (0.00000001 bitcoin ) is worth a fraction of a penny.

There are multiple ways to acquire Bitcoin.

1. Earn Bitcoin.
2. Buy Bitcoin.
3. Mine Bitcoin.

All 3 require different technical attributes but don’t be put off. There is a level for everyone to join the biggest monetary evolution of all time. Bitcoin is like having money in a Swiss bank account that has limited space. That nobody can tell you what to do with it.

Below we go into more detail about the different ways you can acquire Bitcoin.


A Risk Free Option. (Non Techical Users*)
coincorner allow you to purchase everyday items from the internet and give you cashback in Satoshi’s.
You can expect from 0.4% up to a massive 8% back in bitcoin using a company like Coincorner
(I like this option as any purchase I make will be free if the price of Bitcoin goes up 10x )

Risk Free Bitcoin using FIAT.


from a physical location (Technical Users)

FastBitcoins provide these services to multiple locations around the globe.

Stack sats Buy Bitcoin

These locations Allow FastBitcoins users to collect cash from a retail location.


from an online exchange using a Credit / Debit Card (Technical Users)

via CoinCorner – All purchases are subject to KYC with credit card or debit card. Buy Bitcoin, Sell Bitcoin. This is real Bitcoin that you will be able to secure by downloading to your own personal wallet.
Owning real Bitcoin is what sovereignty is all about. This is the method I personally use.


to the Bitcoin Price. (Non Technical Users)

REVOLUT So you have heard about Bitcoin and it’s unique number go up technology but do not want the responsibility of holding your own keys. This is not real bitcoin but is the easiest way for someone to hold a derivative of bitcoin.

This is like your bank. This option requires full KYC/AML regulation and exposes yourself to CGT (capital gains tax) were you to sell it.

Learn about Bitcoin

to earn Bitcoin. (Non Technical Users)
Download the app and earn Satoshis While educating yourself about Bitcoin.

Mine It. (Computer Mining)

Exchange your electricity for Bitcoin.

Start mining cryptocurrency right now, for free.

Honeyminer makes mining and earning money simple for anyone with a computer.

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